Comparing Old and New Expungement Laws in Minnesota

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The Old Expungement Law: Briefly, in 2015 the law concerning expungements changed for the better.  Before 2015, with few exceptions it was difficult, if not impossible, to expunge a criminal conviction. That is because the Minnesota Supreme Court in State v. MDT (2013) ruled that the judges of Minnesota did not have the authority to expunge records held outside the four wall of the courthouse. In other words, if you pled guilty to a criminal charge and the conviction was transmitted to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension or any state agency outside the court system the judges were powerless to expunge those records. The court could still seal its own record, but not those records held by other agencies.

The New Expungement Law: In 2015 all that changed. The Minnesota Legislature created a new expungement law to help persons looking For employment, housing or credit but could not obtain these because of a low level conviction. The Legislature created new categories of criminal convictions that could be expunged and when they could be expunged. It also created the ability for an expungement lawyer to file a motion with the court expunging certain cases that did not result in a criminal conviction.

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