Why You Need A Minnesota Expungement Lawyer

Having an experienced Minnesota expungement lawyer on your side with a proven track record of victories is crucial if you want to have reasonable chance of success. Expungement law in Minnesota is complicated. It is not simply a “fill in the blank” process. At a minimum there are two statutes control when an expungement can be filed and heard by a court and which crimes can be expunged. Other laws can affect the outcome, too. A Minnesota expungement lawyer can answer your questions about the process and the law, guide you through the document preparation, draft the best possible motion for you, and perhaps most importantly go to court for you and persuade the judge why your request should be granted.

It is important to know that many agencies object to expungement motions. Sometimes these agencies send experienced lawyers to fight an expungement motion. An experienced Minnesota expungement lawyer may be able to overcome these objections. Knowing the law and the facts of your case are crucial to winning the motion.

You may believe you are a good candidate for an expungement motion. It is important to know that not all crimes can be expunged. If you don’t qualify for an expungement, there is the possibility of a sealing motion. This may be an effective alternative, especially if the conviction is old. An experienced Minnesota expungement lawyer can explain the difference and advantages each has to offer.

If you are considering retaining a Minnesota expungement lawyer it is important to find an attorney that has the experience and knowledge to give you the best chance of success. Experience and knowledge of the law are absolutely critical; focusing only on the fee may backfire. Preparation is critical. A Minnesota expungement lawyer must gather the facts of the case, know the client’s work history, establish a history of rehabilitation and community involvement of the client in order to prepare a winning expungement motion.

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