What Records Do I Need When I File an Expungement Motion?

An experienced Minnesota Expungement Lawyer should be able to determine what records are needed in order to prepare the best possible expungement motion.

With nearly twenty five years of experience I strongly recommend that you have all the police reports, a copy of the complaint and if available the sentencing order. If you don’t have these documents, don’t worry. An experienced expungement attorney should be able to get these documents for you.

If you have any documents proving you have completed rehabilitation or discharge from probation find them. These documents should be helpful, too.

If you were denied a job, denied credit or denied housing keep these records because the law allows for an expungement if you can prove you have suffered hardship.

A Minnesota expungement lawyer can guide you through the process of determining which documents will be helpful with your Petition for expungement and which should be attached to your motion.

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