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Martin Azarian is one of the most experienced Minnesota expungement lawyers. He wins over 95% of his cases. If you need a Minnesota expungement lawyer or want information about how to expunge a criminal record it is important to consult with an expungement lawyer with over twenty years of criminal defense and courtroom experience. Call Martin Azarian at 612-343-9000 or 952-975-0663.

Martin Azarian is a Minnesota expungement lawyer with over twenty-two years of courtroom and criminal defense experience. Martin Azarian has the experience and legal knowledge to represent your interests in an expungement or court record sealing proceeding.


Generally, a Minnesota expungement lawyer is an attorney who meets with a client, gets all the facts, case history and the history of his client, prepares and files an expungement motion and appears in court to argue in favor of his client.

An expungement motion is a request asking the Court to seal all records concerning a crime the client has either pled guilty to or had dismissed. Although an expungement motion can be prepared and filed by anyone, expungement law is complicated. An expungement lawyer may be your best weapon in the battle to seal or expunge your record. That is because in some cases, nearly fifteen governmental agencies may have an interest retaining a your criminal record or charge. Some of these agencies routinely fight to keep your record public.

Expungement of a record can mean to seal a record; but there are important distinctions. While an arrest or citation not resulting in a conviction in many cases can be expunged, not every conviction can be expunged. The alternative may be to have the court record sealed.  It is advisable to speak to an experienced expungement lawyer or expungement attorney about an expungement motion. Minnesota law does permit some convictions to be sealed but only after a certain period of time has passed. To determine whether your arrest, citation or conviction can be expunged or sealed you should call Martin Azarian, an experienced expungement lawyer at 612-343-9000 or 952-451-4987.

The exact type of expungement motion depends on how your criminal case was resolved. It is important to remember that an expungement motion seeking to seal a person’s record is referred to as an ‘extra-ordinary’ measure, meaning Courts are not given to grant them without some legal justification. In addition, Minnesota’s Expungement laws and procedures are very complicated and must be followed precisely before a judge will even consider hearing the request.  Call Martin Azarian, an experienced expungement lawyer  at 612-343-9000 or 952-451-4987 for more information.


Martin Azarian is an experienced Minnesota expungement lawyer. For twenty-two years, Martin Azarian has been a practicing expungement lawyer and criminal law and has developed a no-nonsense reputation. He thoroughly researches each case and is a tough negotiator who is well respected in the Twin Cities legal community. He has represented many clients seeking expungements and has over a ninety percent success rate. Of course, past success is not a guarantee of future results. Call Martin Azarian for a no cost telephone consultation.

The best advice in seeking an expungement motion is to consult with an experienced expungement lawyer. Martin S. Azarian Criminal Defense, P.A. The second best advice is not to wait. Waiting only increases the likelihood someone will find your criminal case and use it against you. Call Martin Azarian today at 612-343-9000 or 952-451-4987.