The New Expungement Law

In Minnesota an expungement means to seal a record. That record could be a criminal record or a court record. An experienced expungement lawyer can determine the whether you have a criminal record or a court record and the type of motion your case may need.

Starting in January 2015 the law gives the courts power to seal criminal records held by various governmental agencies such as the police, prosecutor’s office, the Minnesota Department of Human Services, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and other agencies. This law permits a person who was convicted of a crime to seal his record, both court records and records held outside the courthouse depending on the type of conviction and when the conviction occurred.  An experienced expungement lawyer can determine how best to proceed with your motion.

If you were denied employment, housing, credit, or suffer some other type of hardship because of a criminal charge or conviction, or if you are concerned that a background check could result in a denial of employment, career advancement or professional licensure or if you want to learn more about sealing your case call Martin Azarian, an experienced expungement lawyer at 612-343-9000.