A Proven Record-Winning Over 95% of Expungement Cases!

Martin Azarian DWI AttorneyMartin Azarian is an experienced, trusted, honest and aggressive Minnesota expungement lawyer and criminal defense attorney with over twenty years of courtroom experience. He practices in the area of expungements and criminal defense. His criminal practice is wide ranging. He represents persons who seek an experienced Minnesota expungement lawyer and persons charged with felonies, gross misdemeanors and misdemeanors and those seeking to have their case expunged or sealed. As a Minnesota expungement lawyer Martin Azarian takes the approach of expunging or sealing as much of a person’s record as the law permits. To win an expungement motion and expungement lawyer must have  knowledge of the law and facts of the case. Careful planning and preparation are critical. Of course, past successes are no guarantee of future outcomes, Martin Azarian has a proven track record of winning more than 95% percent of his expungement cases. If you looking for an expungement lawyer and you have a criminal record, have been denied employment, housing or credit, or if you don’t want your past to haunt you and you have questions about expungements or want to explore your options concerning a potential expungement motion please call Martin Azarian, an experienced expungement lawyer  at 612-343-9000 to schedule an appointment.