Can My Case be Expunged?

The question of whether a case or conviction can be expunged depends upon the age of the case or conviction, the original charge, was it pled down or dismissed, was there diversion or a stay of adjudication? Only an experienced Minnesota Expugement Lawyer can provide you with the necessary information to determine whether your case can be… Read more »

What is the Process to have my Case Expunged?

A Minnesota Expungement Lawyer should know the expungement process backwards and forwards and should be able to guide you from the collection of facts and information to appearing in court. The first step is to gather as much of the facts and court records as possible and determine if there was a conviction. Some convictions cannot… Read more »

Why You Need A Minnesota Expungement Lawyer

Having an experienced Minnesota expungement lawyer on your side with a proven track record of victories is crucial if you want to have reasonable chance of success. Expungement law in Minnesota is complicated. It is not simply a “fill in the blank” process. At a minimum there are two statutes control when an expungement can… Read more »

What is the difference between a motion to “seal” a case versus a motion to expunge?

Some convictions cannot be expunged. For a list of convictions that can be expunged look at Minnesota’s expungement statutes, 609A.02 and 609A.03. There you will find convictions that can be expunged. If you are unsure if your case can be expunged call an experienced expungement lawyer with over twenty years of courtroom experience. Call Martin… Read more »