What Can I Expect at My Expungement Hearing

Going to court without an attorney can be a frightening experience.  Judges typically expect you to know the law and may hold you to the same standard as an attorney. Having an experienced Minnesota Expungement Lawyer with you can be a tremendous advantage for you.

If you have an experienced Minnesota Expungement Lawyer he will guide you through the process and should be able to effectively argue the merits of your case.

Typically, although not always, there are no witnesses at an expungement hearing. Usually its the attorneys and judge who discuss (argue) the case. But who appears to argue against your case depends upon who you or your lawyer served with a copy of the petition. Failure to serve the correct parties can be a problem for the petitioner. The judge asks questions of your attorney and if there are parties present who are against (oppose) your motion the judge will allow them to speak, too. Sometimes the judge will ask questions of you, even if you have a lawyer. This is why it is important that your lawyer anticipate this and prepare you for any questions the judge may have.

Don’t expect a decision that same day. Judges can and do take their time to make a decision.

While you can represent yourself in a criminal proceeding it is often not wise to do so. Having an experienced Minnesota Expungement Lawyer by your side in court may make the difference between a successful motion for expungment and losing.

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