Employment Application Denied

Here may the most critical issue facing a person with a criminal past and why an experienced expungement lawyer can be helpful.

Many people apply for a job or seek advancement in a company or profession only to learn that their application was denied because of a criminal record or conviction. Some companies and employers routinely perform background checks on employees and often terminate employees with a criminal record or conviction. Many professionals such as teachers, nurses, professionals must undergo annual re-certification and annual criminal background checks and can be denied certification because of a criminal record.  An experienced expungement lawyer can be valuable to you when seeking to expunge a criminal past.

Minnesota allows a person to ask the court to seal a person’s criminal record. This request is called an Expungement Motion. If you interested in expunging a criminal record call Martin Azarian, and experienced expungement lawyer  at 612-343-9000

Starting in 2015 the Minnesota Legislature gave the courts the power to seal criminal records held by non-court agencies for example the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. The courts have the power to seal their own records, too.

Whether a court will grant such an expungement motion and how much will be expunged or sealed depends upon many factors such as the facts of the case, the crime committed and when the conviction took place. The courts also look to see if the person has suffered some type of hardship, for instance denial of a job application, career advancement or denial of a professional license such as teaching or nursing.  Hiring an experienced expungement lawyer is the first step towards obtaining the career or job you want. Call Martin Azarian, an experienced expungement lawyer at 612-343-9000.

If you are concerned about the consequences should your employer perform a background check on you or if you were denied an employment opportunity because of your criminal record or if you fear losing your job, professional license or certification and want to explore your options and possibly seal your criminal record please contact Martin Azarian at 612-343-9000 or 952-451-4987 for a free office consultation.