Denied Credit Application

In today’s world good credit is important and obtaining credit when you need it is critical. Many people apply for credit. A credit application can be for a home mortgage, re-financing, a car loan, a credit card or any type of borrowing. Unfortunately, many people apply for credit only to discover that their application was denied because of a criminal charge, criminal record or a conviction.

Minnesota allows a person to ask the courts to expunge or seal a person’s criminal record. This request is called an Expungement Motion.  An experienced expungement lawyer can help you with your motion.

Starting in 2015 the Minnesota Legislature gave the courts the power to seal criminal records held by non-court agencies, for example the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. The courts have the power to seal their own records, too.

Whether a court will grant an expungement motion and how much will be expunged or sealed depends upon many factors such as the facts of the case, the crime committed and when the conviction took place. The courts also look to see if the person has suffered some type of hardship, for instance denial credit.

If you are concerned about the consequences should your bank, credit card company or any other lending institution perform a background check on you or if you were denied credit because of your criminal record and want to explore your options with an experienced expungement lawyer and possibly expunge or seal your criminal record please contact Martin Azarian and experienced expungement lawyer at 612-343-9000 or 952-451-4987 for a free office consultation.